Welcome to The Angel Roundtable
The Angel Network of the Appalachian Highlands
Investment Criteria
INVESTMENT SIZE:  $75K to $250K; up to $1.0M (with Syndication Partners)

STAGE:  Late Seed / Early Stage Opportunities are preferred.

LOCATION:  We invest in businesses opportunities from throughout the US with a Southeastern US focus.  

PRE-MONEY VALUATION:  Valuations of $1.5M to $3.5M are our sweet spot.  Exceptional revenues and growth rates are required for valuations in excess of $3.5M.

MANAGEMENT TEAM:  We seek opportunities with strong, diverse, passionate management teams with relevant experience.

INDUSTRIES:  Hardware, Software / Cloud Software, Digital Media, Big Data, Medical Devices, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Life Sciences (excluding Pharma), CleanTech / Clean Energy, Chemicals and Industrial. Ideally, the company will have revenue and a strong sales pipeline. 

HIGH GROWTH POTENTIAL:  Large Identified market opportunity;  Strong position in market niche.

SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE:  Barriers to Competitor entry which can be sustained over time;  Defensible business model with proprietary technology is preferred.

EXCEPTIONAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT:  Entrepreneurs should be able to make a compelling case for a  8x - 10x or better return on investment within 3 - 5 years.

FUTURE FUNDING:  Ability to attract future funding;  Credible exit potential.

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