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The Angel Network of the Appalachian Highlands
Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of The Angel Roundtable not to accept any documents or information marked "Confidential".  We cannot sign an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement.

For your protection and ours, it is requested that you not submit or disclose any confidential information about your company, or send us any documents marked "Confidential". If we receive anything denoted as "Confidential" information, it may be returned to you. If your application results in the negotiation of a Term Sheet, and there is any confidential information that needs to be disclosed and verified, it will be handled during the Due Diligence phase.

Executing an NDA and accepting confidential information would likely prevent us from considering a similar business in the future, regardless of whether we invest in your company, or not. It also opens up our members to litigation, which is a risk they are not willing to accept.

With your permission, we may share information with other Angel groups.  The Angel Roundtable has relationships with other Angel Networks, and agreements which promote deal sharing and syndication. If The Angel Roundtable agrees to invest in your company but cannot supply all the needed capital, we may share your deal with syndication partners, with your permission.

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