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Executive Summary Guidelines

Following is an outline of items that should be considered for inclusion in the entrepreneur's executive summary of his / her company. All executive summaries should also include the company's logo, company name, and contact information.

The Company Overview

Business description
     What company does
     Overview of product or service    

     Paying customers
     Strategic partnerships
     Value proposition
     Capital sought and uses of proceeds

     Brief backgrounds of management and key individuals 
     Initial organizational structure.
     Identification of immediate and future personnel needs

The Product or Service
     Description of the product or service
     Customer problem 
     Differentiating features, benefits and technology 
     Proprietary assets – Trademarks, patents, trade secrets, special production  
         skills, processes

The Market
     Market size .
     Market analysis

Distribution and Marketing
​    Attracting customers 
    Direct sales methods, 
    Potential channel partners
    Existing customer relationships

Competitive Analysis
    Market Share
    Comparative pricing
    Points of competitive differentiation 

Business Model
    Unit level economics
    Economies of scale achievable 
    Impact of market trends 
    Impact of governmental regulations

Financial Summary
    Projected income statement for a 5 year period 
    Balance sheet, Statement of Cash Flows
        (Summary financials are sufficient for an executive summary)  
    Major assumptions in your projections​

Exit strategy 

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