Welcome to The Angel Roundtable
The Angel Network of the Appalachian Highlands
The Angel Roundtable, (ART) is Tennessee’s newest angel investor network. ART is a private network of angel investors interested in identifying high potential early-stage businesses and supporting efforts to build and grow them into successful companies. We work together to leverage our experience and industry knowledge within the group identifying, screening and analyzing promising opportunities, and assisting in deal structuring and due diligence. 

Angel Roundtable Benefits:

  Exposure to high quality investment opportunities

  Deal screening reducing members personal efforts in identifying the best opportunities 

  Professionally due diligence leadership with standardized processes

  Mitigation of risk from investing alongside other knowledgable, experienced investors

  Deal structuring and execution resulting in improved terms and reduced administrative cost

  Syndication opportunities from partnerships with sister angel networks and early-stage VCs

  Great camaraderie with others with similar interests

  A role in shaping the Mountain South's Region's, (Western NC, East TN and Southwest VA) future by supporting innovative new   

Qualifications/criteria for participation:  

Membership in The Angel Roundtable is by invitation only.  To participate in The Angel Roundtable, one must be an accredited investor or an officer of a firm which is making investments.

For more information concerning membership in The Angel Roundtable or to learn how to join please contact us.
The Angel Roundtable - P.O. Box 8935, Johnson City, TN 37615