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The Angel Roundtable is a US based organization which operates out of the State of Tennessee; we only accept US Dollars as a form of payment. While parties outside the US may access the information provided in our website, our clients are US based startup companies and individuals. WE DO NOT FUND STARTUP OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Additionally, We do not have non-US employees, utilize a web domain suffix of a country outside the US, offer a website in a language other than English, or operate office locations or legal entities outside of Tennessee. The Angel Roundtable does not directly monitor the behavior of any individual or company or profile their activities. While cookies may be used to facilitate browser and site functionality and aggregate level analytics may be tracked by third parties, no such data concerning individuals or companies are assessible to our company except on an aggregate basis.

By using the power and technology of the Internet, The Angel Roundtable can exchange information with our clients in innovative, personalized and efficient ways. We may rely on our clients to provide data, including mailing and email addresses and information needed to complete financing transactions. In addition, The Angel Roundtable may provide online forums and surveys for clients to answer questions and encourage open dialog on topics relevant to our services, to maintain clear standards of privacy and security with the information we are provided, The Angel Roundtable has established the following Principles of Privacy for our organization and clients.

Our Principles of Privacy
1.We do not, and will not sell or provide our secure, proprietary database of clients to any outside unrelated parties.
2.Personal information, including the name and contact information for individual customers, is private to The Angel Roundtable and its affiliates.
3.Users may choose, at their sole discretion, to participate in online forums and surveys. Any personal or private information that such users choose to disclose in online forums and surveys are public information, and The Angel Roundtable expressly disclaims all responsibility for its privacy or protection.
4.Users may choose, at their sole discretion, to sign up for our newsletters. We may use one of the newsletter services such as MailChimp in the future. Such usage will allow us to track our ad campaigns and where to budget our marketing dollars. The Angel Roundtable does not sell or rent our subscribers’ email addresses.
5.The Angel Roundtable may at its discretion uses cookies to authenticate users. Your browser may need to accept these cookies for the site to function properly.

US Patriot Act
The Angel Roundtable may be required to verify the identity of its clients, depending upon the type of engagement. We appreciate your patience with this government-mandated compliance requirement should it be necessary.