Welcome to The Angel Roundtable
The Angel Network of the Appalachian Highlands

The Angel Roundtable, (ART) supports entrepreneurs preparing for the fundraising process by introducing them to advisors and angel investors, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs themselves. These advisors provide business plan and presentation feedback, while also serving as an introduction to ART’s network of investors.

If interested in pursuing investment from ART, entrepreneurs are asked to take the following steps:

1. Submit a brief executive summary to ART.   For a summary of ART's expectations related to the executive summary, please click here.​  Executive summaries should be submitted via email to tony@theangelroundtable.com .

2. ART's screening committee will review the executive summary and invite you to submit your business plan for further review and to present your company to the network, if the opportunity appears to meet our investment criteria.

3. Following your presentation,companies that are deemed appropriate will be introduced to potential lead angels within the ART network for discussions concerning potential investment.

​If you are selected to present to the screening committee, you should be prepared for a 20 minute overview presentation and expect a minimum of a 20 minute Q&A session.

​Neither ART nor its members pay finders or any similar fees to any person or entity in any way connected with investments made by its members; only ART members may process investment opportunities.
The Angel Roundtable - P.O. Box 8935, Johnson City, TN 37615