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The Jobs Act and SEC Rule 506

Following is The Angel Roundtable's (ART's) policy regarding SEC Rule  506(b) and 506(c) offerings (Quiet vs. Loud)

ART welcomes applicants making either type of offering.

All applicants are expected to understand SEC regulations.

•      ART has a clear preference for Quiet offerings.

ART meetings will not cause an issuer to be considered Loud.

ART term-sheets will require the issuer to provide a legal opinion  
  letter that it has complied with all applicable SEC regulations.

ART term-sheets for Quiet offerings will specify no Loud activities 
  for 6 months.

• ART will require that issuers use the SEC prescribed 
  “principles‐based methodology” (PBM) to verify our members are 
   accredited investors.

Our members will not provide personal financial data to companies 
  seeking investment.

ART will provide written confirmation that investing members are in 
  good standing.

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