Welcome to The Angel Roundtable
The Angel Network of the Appalachian Highlands
The Angel Roundtable, (ART) was founded in 2012 by a group of successful "serial entrepreneurs", seasoned executives and professionals who invest in late seed and early stage companies.

The group meets periodically and listens to presentations from entrepreneurs representing candidate companies.  If some of our membership show an interest in a presenting company, ART management facilitates collaboration efforts to complete due diligence, negotiate terms and execute the investment.  

Each member acts on her / his own behalf making their own individual investment decisions but the group works together to leverage the experiences of its members to strengthen due diligence, negotiated terms and to minimize investment costs.

Entrepreneurs who are in need of early stage funding are invited to review our investment criteria and process.  Interested prospective members are invited to contact us for membership information.
The Angel Roundtable - P.O. Box 8935, Johnson City, TN 37615